Lowongan Web Progammer and Web Designer di Indogamers

Indogamers is the company of game publisher, like DOTA, HON, Musuh Abadi, Internet Provider, etc,

Now Need Web Programmer and Web Designer, to join with Indogamers DevTeam

Skill requirement:

Web Programmer,

  • PHP
  • SQL
  • XML / JSON
  • Javascript / Ajax
  • Strong Object Oriented Programming with PHP and Javascript
  • Having Knowlede in PHP Programming Framework (Cake, Code Igneter and etc)
  • Accustomed to working individual and Teams
  • Having Experience as Web Programmer Min: 1 year

Web Designer,

  • Having Knowledge in visual layout, drawing and illustration skills.
  • Having Knowledge in HTML, CSS ( Cascading Style Sheet ), Javascript, Flash and Design Concept.
  • Having Experience min 1 years.
  • Having Knowledge in Ajax is advantage
    Creative and capable to work individual and team.

Please send your resume to gratcy@phpjunkies.org or gratcy@maxindo.net, include your sample site template.

Send your resume to gratcy@phpjunkies.org or gratcy@maxindo.net
For more information IDGS Portal

Kunjungin juga Fanpage kita di:
IDGS : http://www.facebook.com/OfficialIndogamers
IDGS Free : http://www.facebook.com/OfficialFree

“Jangan Cuma dibaca, ayo di kirim resume nya,,”

Kesempatan dan Peluang masih terbuka !!!




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